Company FAQ’s

Question 1: Can I take CRYOxCELLence on daily basis?

Absolutely! Taking these supplements daily will stimulate your pain relief, sleep, or anti-age cryo process. Just stick to them!

Question2: For how long can I take CRYOxCELLence Supplements?

Approximately 2-3 cycles in a row will not make your body used to the extra push.

Question 3: Can you consume CRYOxCELLence supplements without doing CRYO?

Yes, you can. Each ingredient offers maximum results in conjunction with 2 to 3 CRYO sessions per week, but tasking the supplements lone will give you a great boost.

Question 4: Can you take several CRYOxCELLence products at the same time?

Sure, we highly recommend this. These super-effective supplements can be consumed like any other supplement. It will refill your daily storages of certain vitamins. You can use these supplements to complete the requirements of various nutrition that you are not getting form your daily meal.

Question 5: Is there International Shipping?  

Yes, but don’t forget to contact us for shipping charges.

Question 6: Can older people use this?

Answer: Thank you for the question! Yes, it can definitely be used at any age!

Question 7: Is this UNISEX?

Answer: Cryotherapy is for everyone who is looking for young skin, strong joints, and better sleep, etc. Male or female, it’s for all.

Question 8: Why is it called Cryotherapy?

CRYO means extreme cold. This therapy helps to cure body inflation, stimulates blood flow, and helps you relax the muscles at the extremely low temperature. Hopefully, this would help – let us know if there any other query.